Kangaroo Choir

Kangaroo Choir £6.50 when booking a block or £8 per session

Kangaroo Choir is a space for parents to relax, enjoy themselves, and connect with other parents, while their children have fun too. You don’t have to be a ‘singer’ so don’t worry if you don’t feel very confident. ‘If you can talk you can sing’! Singing is innate; it brings us joy, connects us with our bodies and with each other. As parents, it can be hard to find time and space to engage in activities that we enjoy and that allow us to let go and relax whilst attending to our children’s needs. At Kangaroo Choir, parents and children can have fun together; the space, setting, and music allows children to play safely whilst we enjoy making music together.
Choir sessions start with a gentle warm-up and then we get singing! We sing songs from different places and different genres, usually in harmony. The priority is for everyone to feel comfortable and to enjoy themselves! Sessions are relaxed and you are free to move about, change, and feed your baby, whatever you and they need. If you are interested in coming along to try out Kangaroo Choir, please get in touch with Jenn at jensingwell@gmail.com, or visit her website or the Facebook page.

Jenn, a teacher and therapist with years of experience teaching children and adults in primary schools and other settings since 2010, set up Kangaroo Choir in April 2021. We began outdoors, towards the end of the lockdown when people were in need of restorative shared experiences – and singing! The choir was completely inspired by my own experience of joining a BYOB, a wonderful choir in Bristol that I took my first baby to. Those first months and years with a baby, toddler, then another baby, challenged me in ways I never could have imagined, and getting together to sing with other parents in the choir was what most supported me – and my relationship with my son – throughout the first months and years. I found all the babies loved it too, surrounded by harmony and their mothers’ voices. Singing, and singing together, with our children around and part of the circle, seemed to me one of the oldest and most natural pleasures in the world! Singing releases endorphins and makes us feel good, it integrates us and connects us with each other and with our children. I set out with a goal to support parents in this way.

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